•About the Artist & Work

About The Artist:
Levaille "LEE-vie" (They/Them) is a trans, neurodivergent, queer, orange, cowboy clown. They have a BFA in painting, a Post-Bach in textiles, and have been an active artist their entire life. Levaille is just a silly lil guy who is really in love and has 4 pets.

About the Work:
These handmade pieces are made of upcycled and thrifted toys and trinkets for the bold, the flamboyant, the anxious, the queer, the autistic, the misfit, or all of the above (like me)!

Each is a love letter to the little kids who collected dime piece toys and special rocks in little trinket boxes, and reclaiming that sense of wonder and treasure into one-of-a-kind, wearable fidget toys.

"'Release your inhibitions, and adorn yourself with tiny toy."
-Natasha Bedingfield'
-Levaille Eitzman"