•Request a Custom Piece

I love making custom pieces for people! Here's how to get your own, personalized Citrus Witch Craft bauble: 

•Send me what you want (earrings, necklace, pin, patch, bolo tie, shelf knick knack, etc).

•Include your favorite colors, shapes, animals, bugs, eras, genres, characters, hobbies, comfort items, household necessities, the essentials AND the obscure, as specific or vague as you'd like. 

•Let's talk pricing! I hate capitalism, and I wish I could trade you my art for your art, chicken's eggs, business skills, or trade. I'm very open to doing that if we each have something to offer each other. Or! If you're tight on cash, we can do a combination of cash or trade, a cash payment plan, or you can give me your budget and I can work within that budget. 

•Send me your custom commission request to me via
-email: @levaille.eitzman.com 
-website: "contact" tab 
-Instagram DM: @citrus__witch.craft

*****we can chat back 'n' forth as much or as little as needed, and a custom piece will be aaaall yours :)